It is with sadness that I have to announce that the March Dark Tales contest will be the last.
The anthology and the competition have been running since 2003 but due to full time work commitments and for personal reasons I can no longer put the required time and effort in. I sincerely hope this is only a temporary measure. 

Thank you to all the writers that have entered the contest and submitted their hard work for inclusion in Dark Tales, and I wish you all the best with your creative endeavours.

All outstanding contest results will be announced, and all critiques will be sent out, as soon as possible.

Sean Jeffery - Editor and Publisher

Dark Tales has been publishing the best new horror and speculative fiction, selected from our monthly competition, since 2003
...Send us your stories - we are doing some catching up, so our current deadline is 31st March. If you are a monthly contest subscriber you can enter four stories into the March contest (or two stories plus two critiques).

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Select monthly or annual contest subscription

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Inconsequences - Michael Law
Goldeneyes - Caroline Clark
Cuttings - Jane Hayward
Home Truths - Sally Spedding
From the Diary of Alverstoke Gangrene - Shaun Aquilina
From A Great Height - Anthony Murray
Interaction - Katherine Spink


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