Dark Tales has been publishing the best new horror and speculative fiction, selected from our monthly competition, since 2003...Send us your stories -
urrent deadline is 31st MAY 2018. 
We have two online (PayPal) options for the contest.

For either option, email your stories to stories@darktales.co.uk once you've paid. 
(1) Pay a single entry fee per story of £4, or £8 with a tick-sheet critique, £20 with a tick-sheet critique and edit:

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or (2) Take out a subscription to the contest from just £2.50 per month. There are options for a tick-sheet critique (£5) and an edit plus critique (£15): 

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If you're in the UK you can enter our contest by post - click the link to download a printable entry form:

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As well as our regular contest, we now offer a critique service for stories in any genre from just £5 per story. Details here. Printable order form here:

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