July 2015
The Hungry Year by  Robin Husen

June 2015

Rescuer by  Pauline Davenport

May 2015
The Head Changers by  Stella James
Runner-up: Thou Shalt Not by  Philippa East

April 2015

Stone by  Nigel Leaney

March 2015
The Comforting Scent of Brimstone by  Lynn Love

February 2015

Miss West's Requisitions by  Ever R. Dundas

January 2015
More Than A Mole by  Alex Burrett

December 2014

Do Not Go Gentle by  Anna Hickman

November 2014
The Glory Hole by  Reen Jones

October 2014

Arachne by  Jess Popplewell

September 2014
The Doll in the Window by  D W Pryke

August 2014

The 18th Hole by  George Tysley

July 2014
Killing Mum by  David Watkins

June 2014

The Cogwheel Heart by  Nora Spiegel

April/May 2014

Rain by  Alan Stone

March 2014
Tiny Claws by  Stephanie Minns

February 2014
Fish by  Isha Karki

January 2014
Rachel by  Robert Jenkins

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